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Josette 22nd Nov, 2011+0
Offering a vacation for $199 per person to Hawaii, Cancun or Dominican Republic
dickasaurus 14th Oct, 2011+0
Recording and I hung up before I found out who they wanted...Says I have a very important call.....
Lila 10th Oct, 2011+0
person called, said nothing when I answered, my number is on the do not call list.
Jacqueline 10th Oct, 2011+0
They call almost every day. I don't answer. Sometimes they leave a message for a woman (I don't remember the name) saying that she needs to call asap for some financial issues. I tried to call them back between Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm, but no one answered. Actually one day somebody answered, and they asked me for my ssn to check why my number is on their list. Sure. I'm gonna give my ssn. Sure.
ccc 7th Oct, 2011+0
called and didnt leave a VM
lie 21st Sep, 2011+0
They called my cell phone. Did not answer. What do they want???
Barbara Dardia 31st Aug, 2011+0
No one responded when I answered my phone. I have received calls from this or at least from 206 area code before, with the same results.
Daniel Espitia 16th Aug, 2011+0
Recieved call today at 3 p.m. stated that I had been selected to receive 100,000 airmiles to press 1. Didn't press 1 but did contact airmiles and the Nation Do Not Call list.
Austinlord 1st Aug, 2011+0
Daily answers...pain in the neck!
Kimma 30th Jul, 2011+0
Recieved6:59 PM on Nov. 11, 2010
Jenn 29th Jul, 2011+0
They hung up as soon as I answered.
sirbear 21st Jul, 2011+0
I repeatedly get calls for a Modesta Macadangdang. I mean is that even a name? I tell the there are no Macadangdangs (hard to do w/o laughing) and to take my number off the list. I also have spoken several times to supervisors. A few months w/o a call went by and then BANG back to the Macadangdang calls.
Sharpton 16th Jul, 2011+0
i got miss call from this number
robmtchl 30th Jun, 2011+0
They called my cell phone. Did not answer. What do they want???

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